Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BA Benny strikes again!

My wife called me at work the other day to tell me a hefty mailer from NY had just arrived in the mail, and that likely meant cards from BA Benny.  When I got home that afternoon I was excited to see what he had sent me this time.  He certainly didn't dissappoint with a package that started out with a few VT Hokies, including some great 2010 Eddie Royals:

Eddie was so fun to watch in person at Tech.  It's a shame we had Sean "Happy Feet" Glennon at QB for so long.  Also in the package were a few David Wright cards I needed:

As many cards as I have from those three sets, I was amazed I didn't have any of those.  Of course he didn't forget to add to some of my other player collections.


The Generation Now Zimmerman is a White Refractor #/200.  I liked the Generation Now set from Topps Base, and thought it was okay that they translated it to chrome, but I'm not sure why they took that set to the refractor level, much less multiple colored refractors.  Nevertheless, that card has a great home in my PC binder now.  BA Benny also included some great numbered goodies of Justin Upton:

The Opening Day card is #/2199 (not sure why they chose that...) and the 2009 Topps is #/58, and is my first Topps black parallel.   The big hitters he sent my way were simply awesome:

A 2008 Topps Highlights David Wright Bat card and a 2009 Topps Update All-Star Stitches Justin Upton Jersey card.  I've wanted that Wright card for quite some time, so I was ecstatic to see it.  I hadn't seen the Upton card before, but I love the All-Star Stitches cards.

BA Benny, your cards are coming soon.  Thanks again for the sweet cards!

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