Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Christmas Loot...and it was a very cardy Christmas

Ok, so in my last post a few days ago, I teased with a picture of a 2010 Best of Chrome value box that I picked up at Target with some early Christmas money from my wife's grandfather.  I wasn't expecting a ton of cards for Christmas when I bought it...I was wrong.  Here is what I got:

My wife and I gave each other a trip to the ACC Championship game this year, so on Christmas day, we only had stockings for each other.  I love stocking packs.
2010 Topps Update Dollar Tree (x2), 2008 Upper Deck X (x2), 2010 Topps NFL

My Sister-in-law and her boyfriend upped the ante the next day:
2010 Bowman Chrome Hobby (x5)

The highlight of Cardmas, however, would be from my Father-in-law.  He has always given the best presents, including many years of improving my drumset with various add-ons.  Well, in my first Christmas officially in the family, he blew me away.
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Hobby Box,
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Hobby Box,
2010 Upper Deck Hobby Pack

How's that for a welcome to the family. 

I have all of this stuff busted and scanned, so look for the posts coming soon.  As a teaser, the UD A Piece of History box will be of particular interest to Braves fans.

Oh, I almost forgot...My Sister-in-law and her boyfriend also gave me some toilet paper:


Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'm pretty sure you'll find the David Price card in that A Piece of History box.

Spankee said...

You know, I thought the same thing, and I actually didn't get it. I am still one card away from the set. It sucks because now I'm trying to figure which other christmas presents to return to get money to buy more APOH blasters. A collector being one card away from a set is just wrong. How I have 8 George Kottaras RC's and not one David Price is beyond me.

Charles @ Hoopography said...

Wow, nice xmas presents. UD Masterpieces or Chronology are some of the nicest cards. Hope the breaks went well!!!

cynicalbuddha said...

But did you get anything good in there? Stop teasing me!!!!

cynicalbuddha said...

I guess what I really want to know if you hit a Bieber auto!!! How sweet would that be you'd be the envy of all the 12 year old girls out there.

Colbey (flywheels) said...

How was your visit to Charlotte for the ACC title game?