Thursday, December 2, 2010

Play at the mailbox

Play at the Plate recently put in a prize-winning pick to my 2010 MLB Playoff contest by choosing Josh Hamilton to hit the last homerun of the playoffs.  While Hamilton didn't hit the last HR, he was the last of all the players chosen.  I sent PATP some Hamiltons and some other random Texas related stuff.  I think I sent him card from five different sports and some non-sports cards, too.  To make it fun, we made it a trade as well, and I sent him some stuff off his want lists.  In return, PATP sent me some set needs from 2008 UD Masterpieces as well as some 2009 A&G Nat'l Pride:

I love that Upton card.  PATP also sent along some nice additions for my PC:

A few more nice cards, including Zim #97 for me.  I'm closing in on the century mark for Zim, where he will join David Wright and Justin Verlander.  Justin Upton still looks like a kid to me.  I'll always picture him as the kid in my mom's second grade class that wore wayyy too much of his dad's cologne. 

Thanks again PATP!