Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Upper Deck Charlie Hustle Collection

So, I was thinkin about card sets that would be cool if they existed, and I came up with this: The Upper Deck Charlie Hustle Collection.  The set would be a tribute to Pete Rose, and would also serve as a nice "F You" to MLB.  I came up with a few smaple cards.  I'm thinking a base set with 4,256 cards, one for each hit (think UD Documentary, but the way it should have been done).  The base cards have a 4,256 print run as well.  In addition, the set would have 86 postseason hit silver cards and 7 all-star hit gold cards, each numbered to the year of the game.  This is what I envision, though I'm not a graphic artist (I airburshed out the logo in the first one UD-style, but this is a half-assed commitment so I didn't on the rest):

I'll save the best insert set for last, since it would be a freakin awesome set on its own; for now, I foresee a red-bordered on-card auto for each card in the set.  So, every card would really be a 1 of 1, but calling them 1 of 1's doesn't sit well with me be they aren't that unique.

As for memoribilia cards, there will be a bat mem card for each regular season hit, and a patch card for each postseason and all-star hit.  Yes, that's right, patches - no plain jerseys. 

Of course, there would have to be an auto/mem card:

And just to give MLB the finger - and despite the fact that I think cut autos are stupid - we'll have a cut auto of the Rose-banning commish Giamatti

Now, I am a bit conflicted, because while I think the following insert set would be a great addition, I also think it would be a great set on its own.  I introduce: "Upper Deck Blacklist"

A set with each person banned from MLB (regardless of whether they were reinstated).  The checklist:

Thomas Devyr
Ed Duffy
William Wansley
George Bechtel
Jim Devlin
George Hall
Al Nichols
Bill Craver
Oscar Walker
Richard Higham (Umpire)
Jack O'Connor (Manager)
Harry Howell (Coach)
Horace Fogel (Owner)
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson
Eddie Cicotte
Lefty Williams
Chick Gandil
Fred McMullen
Swede Risberg
Happy Felsch
Buck Weaver
Joe Gedeon
Eugene Paulette
Benny Kauff
Lee Magee
Hal Chase
Heinie Zimmerman
Joe Harris
Heinie Groh
Ray Fisher
Dickie Kerr
Phil Douglas
Jimmy O'Connell
William B. Cox
Ferguson Jenkins
Mickey Mantle
Willie Mays
Pete Rose
George Steinbrenner (Owner)
Steve Howe
Marge Schott (Owner)

Tell me the Shoeless, Jenkins, Mantle, Mays, Rose, and Steinbrenner wouldn't be awesome to have.  I might have to actually make some of the cards from this other than Shoeless, just to see what they look like.  We'll save that for another day...

Needless to say, I think Pete Rose should be reinstated.  The Hall of Fame is a joke without the Hit King. 

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Jay said...

I like the rose cards. I have yet to see any on card releases with the stooge on them.

As far as cut sigs go they are a nice If you want to pull an auto of a deceased player.. Senseless, and cheesy as hell when the player is still around