Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trade/Sale with Derek at Tomahawk Chopping

This trade post is proof that persistence pays off.  Derek, of the newly founded Tomahawk Chopping blog, has recently come into the blogobong and started out with a bang.  I'm sure, by now, most people have noticed him commenting on posts here and there and seeking out Braves cards.  Well, he left a number of comments on some of my posts requesting cards and letting me know what he had for me.  He happens to like UVA players, which happen to feel just the opposite about. 

He saw that I pulled a Chris Long AU from some 2008 Press Pass, and after several attempts, I agreed on a trade with a few conditions.  I would get cards he offered, and he would get the Long auto and a few more UVA cards I had.  The catch was that I would also get some cold hard cash (since he didn't have anything comparable to the auto in return that I was looking for).  The deal:  If Virginia Tech beat UVA in football, I would be in a good mood and give him a lower price (comparable to a recent ebay sale).  In the rare event that UVA won, I would be pissed, thus requiring a larger sum of money (after all, it was unlikely and the Long AU is an inscription).  Well, Virginia Tech beat the snot out of UVA, so we had a deal.  The money hit my PayPal account and the cards were mailed. It was the first time I had sold a card since I started this blog, but I think it was the best way to complete the deal.  I think we reached a fair value and we were both happy. 

As for the cards he sent me:

A nice BJ Upton StarQuest I needed.

A BJ Upton Orangefractor that I really needed (I need the Justin Upton, Ryan Zimmerman, and Michael Cuddyer now).  My favorite card he sent, though, was a Scott Sizemore Xfractor:

Thanks again, Derek!  I hope you like your cards! Everyone, go to his blog.  As a newbie blogger (<1 year) as well, I can tell you I really appreciated when people visited my blog in the early days.

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Derek said...

Thanks! I love the Cards, that long is sweet!