Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Contest at All About Cards

All About Cards is having a great contest so swing on over there and check it out.  They're trying to get feedback for the 2010 Sports Card Awards.  They have come up with three categories:

Sickest Card of the Year

Fan Favorite Set of the Year
Box most likely to contain Mojo

As for my response for those:

For sickest card of the year: I have to think outside the box and say the Million Card Giveaway code cards...yes it's not ONE card, but those cards set off a lot of activity and conversation. The thrill of pulling a '52 and the devastation of pulling an '89 is quite a broad range. The cards also offered an extremely unique way of providing an outlet for people to trade for the rare cards they might need to complete an old set.

Fan Favorite Set of the Year: Since UD Masterpieces is no more, it's got to be Allen and Ginter. Just a great looking set with a lot of variety.

Box most likely to contain mojo: I might go for something a little offbeat and say Tristar Obak. Had some very unique autos and a fair chance at a hot box with a ton of autos.

I think the MCG cards have just been a unique addition and stand out to me as the sickest card(s) of the year.  I considered suggesting '08 UD Masterpieces, because I still think it is a fan favorite for this year as well (a lot of people have talked about it still this year).  I also considered Beardy's 2010 Masterpieces, but I decided to go with a real set.  Allen and Ginter was the clear fan favorite in my mind, and rightly so.  As for the mojo box, I think I was overwhelmed by Dayf and his repeated yelling of "HOT BOX!!!"
The responses to the three categories have been great so far, so go check it out!
Speaking of contests, I should be having one soon to celebrate my 100th post, when I get there.  This is post #95.

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