Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winnings from Sports Card Info

Two weeks ago, while checking out Sports Card Info, I saw a contest for 2010-11 Panini Certified Hockey.  Aparrently, I was one of the few who read the rules and saw that you could enter once per day, so I did.  After four days, I was the leading entrant, and my ballot-box-stuffing paid off as I was the big winner.  The cards arrived the other day, and here they are:

I don't have many hockey cards, as one pack of 2009-10 Collector's Choice is all I have opened in probably the last 15 years, so I was happy to quadruple the value of my hockey collection.

Roberto Luongo Faces of the Game Jersey #12/25
   - A nice idea for a card, though it is evidence of Panini's inability to produce great relic cards.  I like the idea of the cutout being the player's jersey number, but if that number is 1, please make it bigger.  This card is tied for lowest serial numbered card in my collection, and is in the outright lead for smallest swatch I have ever seen.

David Backes Mirror Blue Autograph #38/50
   -Yep, go back and look at the picture, it actually does have an autograph in there.  This card is almost incredibly awesome.  A blue mirror card of a Blues player with a blue autograph...if only it was on-card.

Dustin Penner Mirror Gold #06/25
   -No complaint here, typical Panini low numbered parallel, but a nice card nonetheless.

Jason Spezza Mirror Red #065/250
   -Red card, red team color...I like it.

Scott Gomez Mirror Red Dual Jersey #145/150
   -My favorite card in the lot.  It the Backes auto was on-card, it would take the cake, but this card is still very nice.  There are better ways to design dual relic cards, but this isn't bad.  I like the symmetry while not just using plain square swatches.  The red swatches look good, especially on a red mirror card where the jersey in the picture actually has red on it.

Ryan Miller Masked Marvels #220/250
   -A goalie insert set seems obvious and overused, but I still think it's pretty necessary for a full set.  I really like the overhead view of the crease.

Philip Larsen Potential #307/500
   -I understand this insert set, but it's just not that exciting

Sidney Crosby Top Choice #044/500
   -This seems to be a weird insert set.  I think if you go with this concept, you should have a picture from the draft, not just a random action shot.

Well, thanks a ton to Sports Card Info for running the contest and sending me the cards.

If anyone is interested in any of these cards let me know.

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TJ said...

Nice cards. I like that Luongo, but you're right the jersey is tiny. The Ryan Miller goalie card is cool looking with that overhead shot.