Monday, November 22, 2010

Trade with...hey, where'd you go?

Well, my inability to get a trade post up in any reasonable amount of time has reached a new low.  I am no posting the cards I got in a trade with someone whose blog no longer exists.  I think his post of the cards I sent him was one of, if not the last posts he made.  I am talking about TJ of "All Your Base Cards Belong To Us" (yes, I know that link doesn't go anywhere, I just said it doesn't exist anymore...). It sucks...I enjoyed his blog, especially since there aren't many basketball blogs out there.  I sent TJ a stack of 09 Panini Basketball needs and a load of Blazers and Patriots, and in return he sent me a couple of cards from his tradelist that caught my eye. 

2010 Topps Chrome Football Tim Tebow RC
2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Josh Willingham Autograph

I wouldn't qualify these as guys I collect necessarily, but I had cards TJ wanted, and I don't get many requests for basketball cards, so I wanted to make the trade happen.  I like Tebow because he works hard, shows emotion in a positive way on and off the field, and seems to do things the right way.  I don't know that he'll ever be too successful statistically in the NFL, but to work your ass off and overachieve is a successful way to live in my book.  I'd consider collecting him after his cards come down a little.  As far as Josh Willingham goes, I'm happy to keep or trade this card.  In July, my wife and I attended a couple of Nationals - Mets games in DC (including a Strasburg outing that included 41 first-inning pitches) and before the second game I caught a batting practice home run hit by Willingham.  Until I get a trade offer, this card has a nice home next to the ball.

Thanks again for the cards, TJ...hope to see you around the blogolandosphere...or whatever the cool cats call it these days.


cynicalbuddha said...

It's called the Blogoteria now.

Spankee said...

Yeah, I was thinking maybe blogatorium, bloganistan, blogiversity, blognasium, blog cabin, blogsbyterian church, blogitheatre, blogiseum, or blogodrome. I like blogoteria.

TJ said...

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you like the cards. I had to drop the blog for a while due to a sudden lifestyle change. Hopefully I'll be back soon into it soon. You should check out If you want to read a basketball card from Portland.