Saturday, November 20, 2010

2008 Press Pass SE Football

The other day, I posted a couple of packs of 2008 Press Pass I picked up in the $1.59 Power Packs box at Target.  I also picked up some Press Pass SE packs, though they didn't yield anything like the Chris Long Auto I pulled from regular Press Pass.

Pack 1:
Erik Ainge (My college roommate was from Knoxville and was a big Tennessee fan.  Naturally, I don't care for Tennessee.  I think Ainge is in rehab right now?)
Matt Forte (Underwhelming Bears RB)
Kevin Smith (Freshly back from knee surgery last year, only to hurt his thumb the other day)
Leodis McKelvin Gold Parallel (Backup CB for the Bills...if I was a pro player, I wouldn't want to be on the Bills.  I especially wouldn't want to be a backup on the Bills.)

Pack 2:
Colt Brennan (cut by the Raiders...ouch.  This guy has Arena Football written all over him)
Jacob Hester (finally...a starter.  He's a fullback, so his numbers aren't exciting, but he gets the job done...if there are any Hester collectors out there, I have a couple decent cards of his, as well as an auto.)
Rashard Mendenhall Gold Parallel (now we're cooking)

DeSean Jackson Class of 2008 insert (By far the best card in the bunch. It's so fun to watch him and Vick play together)

That extra gear Jackson hits to burn Landry when he sees the ball is insane.


cubsfan731 said...

I'd love to have the Brennan and Ainge, but I don't have anything to offer you. Nothing that fits your want lists. IF there's something that you need that isn't on your want list, let me know.

Derek said...

Not sure if you saw my last post about the long, but if any of this plus cash interest you let me know. I'd like the Longs.

Willing to try again...
I pulled a 2010 Chrome Orange B.J. Upton refractor today & a Scott Sizemore Refractor. Also across a Topps 08 B.J. Upton & 08 UD Starquest BJ Upton

Would that get me anywhere close to the Long?


Spankee said...

@Derek, I would be interested in the Orange Chrome BJ Upton and The Sizemore Refractor, but would still need a reasonable chunk of change to get the auto. Send me an email at and let me know if you had a number you were thinking and I'll see what I can do.