Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crinkly box of cards

I usually take lunch around 11:30, but the other day I was on a roll at work and actually being productive, so I ended up taking a late lunch around 1:30.  As fate would have it, I stumbled upon Crinkly Wrappers's lunchtime blog post about his first annual year end clearance at just the right time.  I was the third commenter, thus claiming a lot of cards.  I picked Lot #2, described in his words as:

"Oddball sets and inserts. This lot will consist of oddball sets and odd sized cards. It will also include insert cards and parallels (ie; anything not a base card), from various sets, years and manufacturers. This lot will also include some of your favorite team."

Who doesn't love odd sized cards?  A few days later, I received a 200-count box of randomness that was definitely an adventure digging through.  I have sent him some Jays to say 'Thanks!', because this box was awesome.  To give you a taste of what was included:

A couple Toys'R'Us cards, including a sweet Bo Jackson.  Abunch of Topps Kids, including a psychadelic Nolan Ryan and a very roidy Bonds.  A Billy the Marlin Tattoo that I'll put on my wife while she sleeps.  Is it just me, or did that Sportflics card scan in awesome.

Several mini/offsize cards including a Doc and a Sailor

Some nice cards for my PCs.  I actually have a few of the Wright 2020 card, but it's such a great looking card that I don't mind.

A few serial numbered goodies

And the highlight of the box...a Robin Roberts Topps Commemorative Patch

These cards are just a taste of the awesomeness that was in the box.  Thanks a ton Crinkly Wrappers!

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BA Benny said...

Great variety pack! I like how he mixed things up but still had great cards in there for you.