Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Blaster and 3 Packs of Ginter

I may have mentioned before that I am taking a break from purchasing cards for November, and possibly December.  I have a backlog of posts, however, so I will still be posting some new stuff throughout this time.  My birthday was early in October, and I got one late birthday present toward the end of the month.  I decided, naturally, that I should spend it on cards, as a last farewell for a while.  I used the money to pick up a 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball blaster and 3 retail packs of 2010 Allen and Ginter.  I hadn't opened Ginter in quite a while, so I figured a few packs would be fun.  The three packs yielded one SP and three TDIH cards, one of which was Ichiro, so not bad.  The minis were two "World's Biggest" and an A&G back Jason Bartlett:

I love the two World's Biggest cards.  The first is "The World's Largest Collection of The World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things".  Some of the things in this set are a little bit of a stretch, but this one is perfect. The second card is "World's Biggest Mountain", which you really can't argue with for the set.  If anyone is working on that set, let me know as I have 3-4 of them, including the ones I posted in my first ever blog post. Even if you aren't interested in those cards, go and check out my first ever post, I don't think anyone saw it.

The Chrome Blaster didn't yield anything particularly special, but the highlights are:
XFractors of Jered Weaver, Brian McCann, and Dodgers rookie John Link (which is headed to TomSuzuki as part of his prize package.)
Refractors of Placido Polanco and Stephen Drew
Purple Refractor of Braves rookie Brandon Hicks
Strasburg base card. I don't really consider Strasburg base cards to be a big highlight, but it is the first Strasburg I have gotten other than the Wal-Mart Value Box Refractor.

The cards I was happiest about were the ones for my personal collection: base cards of Verlander and Cuddyer:

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Play at the Plate said...

That World's Biggest Card of the Collection of the Smallest Things is one of my favorite cards of the year.