Saturday, November 13, 2010

2008 Press Pass Football...big kick in the face edition

A while back, I picked up a few packs of random cards from the $1.59 Power Pack box at Target, including two packs each of 2008 Press Pass and Press Pass SE.  I love college football, so I figured I would post the first two packs, regular Press Pass, on a college football saturday.  VT is playing right now, and it seems our offensive coordinator wants our placekicker to have a career day, so we can't do jack in the red zone and come away with field goals.  Anyway, it's coming up on halftime, so I figured I would make a post. 

The first pack was okay, but the second was a huuuuge kick in the face for a VT fan.

Pack 1:
Dan Connor Trophy Club Chuck Bednarik Award
University of Kentucky Teammates Andre Woodson and Keenan Burton
Chris Long Trophy Club Reflectors Ted Hendricks Award
(I hate UVA...and we'll call this foreshadowing of pack 2)

Jonathan Stewart Power Pick (this is a pretty nice looking card)

Pack 2:
Darren McFadden All-American
Early Doucet
Matt Ryan All-American Reflectors
(one of my most hated players of all-time, I was in Blacksburg when he burned us for two touchdowns in 2 minutes to win the game.  I agree he is a very good player.  I hate him.  It's a nice looking card though.)

Chris Long Target Limited Edition AU #06/25 (yes, one of the biggest hits of my life, and it's a UVA guy.  Another of this card went on ebay not too long ago.  But, you'll notice that the one I pulled is not a standard signature.  No, I got the extra special "C Long Go Hoos!" version.  I'm not sure how many of the 25 of these are signed this way, but my guess is not many.)

So, I picked up 8 cards, where the three of the four best cards (and they are pretty damn good cards for $3 total) are of guys I hate.  All of these are available. 


Captain Canuck said...

first, i wouldn't mind trading for the Long auto, if you'll tell me what you want for it...

second, as a Canadian, I often look at Yanks who go to their university and then defend it to their deaths, spiting so and so from another school 10 miles away.

what would you do if Matt Ryan were drafted onto your favourite NFL team? choose another team?

Fuji said...

Congratulations on pulling the Long auto... that's pretty sweet!

Spankee said...

Great question Canuck, I actually have a true answer for you. I was a huge Falcons fan when Vick went there and they had several former Hokies. I liked the players, and was excited about bringing in Petrino as coach. Then, Vick had the dogfighting, Petrino bailed, and the falcons got rid of DeAngelo Hall, Alge Crumpler, and Warrick Dunn. To top it off, they drafted Matt Ryan. That was the last day I followed the Falcons. I never had a childhood favorite team or a real local team (the Redskins are the closest), so I follow VT players and hope they do well.

madding said...

Love the J-Stew card! Ducks!

Derek said...

I am a huge UVA fan! Go Hoos! But unlike you I don't have a hatred for our in state rivals and often pull for VA Tech as well. I would love to have the two longs, any chance you trade for some of the stuff I pulled from chrome the other day?
Marino rookie reprint
Ray Lewis rookie reprint
Felix Jones rookie reprint
Gridiron Lineage Brandon Marshal & Demaryius Thomas
Kenny Britt Refractor
DeSean Jackson Blue Refractor 197/199

I also have the following for trade of the top of my head:
Upper Deck Sweet Spot in college unis:
Michael Turner
Vince Young (2x)
Chris Young

Lastly a Kenny Phillips Score 2010 Auto.


Spankee said...

@Derek Unfortunately none of those particularly strike me. Despite not being a UVA fan, I am holding on to the Long Auto until something that really interests me comes along. Thanks for reading, and let me know if you pull anything else I might like in the future.

Derek said...

Willing to try again...
I pulled a 2010 Chrome Orange B.J. Upton refractor today & a Scott Sizemore Refractor. Also across a Topps 08 B.J. Upton.

Would that get me the Long?