Thursday, November 4, 2010

I got Fuji'ed

I recently contacted SanJoseFuji of The Chronicles of Fuji because he had some cards I wanted, and I had some cards that fit into his collections.  We went back and forth a few times and finally reached a deal where some cool cards changed hands, including an Akinori Otsuka Autograph that did double duty for his Padres and Japanese player collections.  He posted his end of the deal, which turned out to be his second blog trade ever.  I have been called #2 before, but never in a good way.  What better image to start my post with than a 2008 Topps style Fuji custom on-card Auto:

This card is soooo much better than the Stale Gum Chris Harris sticker-on-an-87-Topps-Galarraga Auto I got earlier this year.  Fuji sent me a couple of relic cards

The Vladimir Guerrero card is a 2001 Fleer Platinum Lumberjacks Bat Relic, with Vlad as an Expo.  I believe that is the oldest relic card I have now.  It is also up for trade if anyone has a good offer, but I have no problem hanging on to it because it is just awesome.  The quad jersey card is from 2008 UD Ballpark Collection and features Carl Crawford, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, and BJ Upton.  I like the layout of the card and it is a nice, unique addition to my BJ Upton PC.  The next two cards are the main reasons for the trade in the first place, as it is rare to come across two former VT Hokies from the '90s. 

The first is a 1998 Collector's Edge Jim Druckenmiller AU, though the signature kinda looks like "2008".  It was the first Druck addition to my Hokie collection just as the next card was the first Corey Moore addition.  The Moore card is a 2000 SP Authentic Sign of the Times AU that just looks awesome.  I might have to set a collecting goal of one autograph card for every Hokie to play in the NFL. Thanks again, Fuji!

On another note, I would be remiss to make a post at this time without mentioning the great Sparky Anderson.  His manager cards were the only manager cards I was ever happy to get.   His 1988 Topps card is one of the cards I remember the most from childhood.

RIP Sparky

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