Friday, November 12, 2010

More 2008 Topps Chrome

I've picked up a ton of 2008 Topps Chrome Baseball from the $1.59 Power Packs boxes at Target in the past year, mainly I love the set and the price is right.  Most of what I picked up was before I started this blog, but I did post some back in August.  I picked up some more in the past two months...maybe like 10-15 packs.  Here are some of the highlights:

Teixeira/Francoeur Trading Card History
Pat Burrell Blue Refractor (I love the blue refractors, I think those, along with the blue wrappers are why I've bought so much)
Chone Figgins Heritage Chrome
Manny Ramirez 50th Anniv All-Star
Ichiro 50th Anniv All-Star

 Hideki Matsui Trading Card History (I love this design)
Luke Hochevar T-205
Manny Ramirez T-205 Refractor (the T-205 refractors look really nice...too bad it's Manny)
David DeJesus Heritage Chrome
Mark Teixeira Blue Refractor

That is still some of my favorite stuff to open.  Too bad I bought all of the packs at all of the Targets around me.


cynicalbuddha said...

I really like the 205 design. I don't think it would make a great stand alone set but it makes for great inserts. Topps has been putting T 205 inserts in Tribute this year and there pretty slick.

BA Benny said...

The 08 chrome really looked sharp compared to the regular set. Some years the chromes don't transition as well from the standard set but 08 really looked great in my opinion.

Derek said...

I opened a few packs of Chrome 2010 Football today. I'd love to do some trading for some braves or ricky henderson cards. If you're interested I'll list the highlights.