Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter

Seriously, don't quit on my blog because I am making a post about Harry Potter.  I promise this post will be well worth it...if you don't give a crap about Harry Potter, at least skip to the last picture.

So the night my wife has been waiting for for quite a long time has finally arrived.  We will be attending the midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.  I like the Harry Potter movies, but, having to work today and tomorrow, I could really live without attending a midnight showing.  However, I do not make the rules.  Instead of dwelling too much on how tired I will be Friday (and how Friday afternoon we have to drive 5 hours to her parent's house),  I will just show some relevant cards.

I doubt anyone reading this even owns a single Harry Potter TCG card, but I actually own a number of them.  When I introduced my wife to the HP movies (she hadn't seen the first two when we met), it sparked a HP craze that included taking up the TCG.  I'm not going to lie, the game is pretty fun...until I win. 

The Star:

The Comic Relief

The Enemy (and I should note that this card almost led to my death.  You see, the deck I play with this card is unbeatable.  She hasn't even come close.  Which is not healthy for me):

And of course, the girl:

Ok, so that Hermione picture doesn't do her justice.  The Emma Watson version is much better:

Seriously, Hermione is hot.  I think the witch thing could be fun...

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Charles @ Hoopography said...

I never got into Harry Potter, although that flying game segment in one of the older movies was pretty cool, but I'm always up for some nicely designed trading cards. Those holo cards are pretty darn cool.