Friday, August 6, 2010

Target $1.59 Packs

I was visiting my parents the other day and needed to run by the Target by their house, so I glanced at the card selection while I was there.  They didn't have a whole lot I was interested in, although I did have to resist buying two more 2007 Press Pass Football Retail Boxes.  I like to dig through the "power packs" they have there.  They usually have a red box which is full of non-sport $0.99 packs and a blue box with a mix of sports and non-sports for $1.59.  They had five packs of 2008 Topps Chrome, so I piccked them up.  I've always liked 2008 Topps Chrome, and I love opening individual packs, so I was quite a happy camper.  It's not a particularly great set, so I'm starting to think that I like it just because I'm a sucker for shiny blue wrappers and anything "chrome". 

I typically don't care for packs that only have 4 cards per pack, but I do like xfractors, which are pretty easy to get in this set.  I got two refractors (JoJo Reyes and Dan Uggla, blah) and two xfractors (Alex Romero and Yunel Escobar, blah), which seems to go along with the odds of 1:3 packs for each.  I could live with out plain refractors; they should just make the blue refractor the standard.

I picked up a couple of the standard issue inserts of a CC Sabathia Trading Card History (1:4) and a Mickey Mantle Homerun History (1:12).  I defied the odds, however, by getting two Heritage Chrome (1:14) cards of Pat Burrell (#'ed 1050/1959) and Victor Martinez (#'ed 1620/1959).  I like the way the red looks on the Burrell card, but can't say I care for the Heritage Chrome cards.  I just don't like chrome cards with old school cardboard backs. 

The rest of the cards from the packs weren't very exciting...

1 Alex Rodriguez (the newest 600 club member)
5 Miguel Cabrera (he's tearing it up this year)
19 Jose Reyes
99 Nick Markakis
114 Torii Hunter
122 Chone Figgins
154 Brian Bannister
155 Joba Chamberlain
174 Casey Kotchman
213 Wesley Wright RC
215 Kyle  McClellan RC

Oh yeah, and a rookie card of some scrub named Evan Longoria...

I'm actually starting to have a decent collection of Longoria RCs without even trying to collect him.

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