Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winning, Hockey Style

A while back, I won a contest on a blog that doesn't seem to exist anymore.  It was a mostly hockey blog, but he occasionally showed other stuff. He often ran contests, and I typically lost.  Until this time.

From his perspective, the contest involved choosing a number, having a random player assigned to you, and if that player scored the team's first goal of the season, you win.

From my perspective, it involved choosing a number.  I'm not a big hockey guy, so I don't remember names all that well.  I do remember that I actually got to choose the number 3.  That seems to be one of the first ones taken in those contests, so I was happy to get my favorite number.  Unfortunately, it was assigned to a defenseman.  Oh well, better luck next year, I thought.  However, I pulled off a miracle as my guy scored the first goal. 

My prize package was fantastic.

First, a nice auto of the 2010 Olympic MVP and 2010 Vezina Trophy winner.

At this point, I was standing tall.  The next card blew me away, though.  More accurately, it swept the leg.

Wow, a crazy oversized jumbo auto of Billy Zabka of The Karate Kid and How I Met Your Mother fame.

The last card in the package is amazing.  I'm not a hockey collector, but I have a great appreciation for vintage cards, especially when they look great and feature legendary players:

That is one beautiful card.

Thanks, Casey!

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