Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trade Post Catch-up: Too Many Verlanders

This is the first of two packages that Dennis sent me.  I'll say it's from the baseballier of his blogs, since it had baseball cards.  This came in the form of a PWE.

Chrome Zim.  I love the 2008 Chrome 50th Anniv Rookies.

Apparently USPS decided to fold this BJ in half.  No worries, though.  It's appropriate since BJ folded his batting average in half.

Still, a BJ is like a crazy hot chick with too many cats.  Even if it's a little messed up, I'll still let it in my pants.  Huh? Well, something like that.  It's like pizza or something. 

I never really understood the whole "Sex is like pizza.  Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good" saying.  If I take a dump in the middle of either of those, they are no longer good.

I blame Dennis for leading me down this path.  He's such a bad influence.  Why can't he give me a normal BJ like everyone else?

1 comment:

Dennis said...

DAMMIT, sorry USPS offered their extra special level of TLC to that PWE. May as well just pull the swatch out and make a custom BJ card. Just use your imagination. And WHO exactly is the bad influence again? Are we ruling out the guy with the blog named "My Cardboard Mistress"?