Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Cards, Part 1

On my mom's side of the family, we draw names for presents and have a price limit with which to stay in.  The person who had my name ended up getting me the last two seasons of Breaking Bad on DVD and had enough left over to grab a couple retail packs of Topps Update.  Now that's a great present.

Look for exclusive red bordered parallel cards!

Well, that was easy.

I don't want to anger Night Owl, so I'm showing you a base card which is definitely not boring:

I don't understand how the two packs yielded a bunch of perfectly acceptable base cards and one horribly fileted Trout.  How do miscuts like that happen these days.  Potato chip companies have machines that look at every single chip and blow away the bad ones.  Is it really that hard to not pack this card?  "But Spankee, it's a tribute to when cards would be horribly cut a long time ago".  Yeah, shut your face. It's weakness.  It's complacency.  It's sad.

I'm now going to bore you by showing you a Topps insert:

Don't worry, though. Not all inserts are bad.  But, since Night Owl is reading for the base cards, I advise him to stop looking at this post now.  There aren't anymore base cards here.  I wouldn't want to bore you with a non-base card.  After all, Night Owl probably couldn't find anything to like about this card:

If you did read this far, Night Owl, my apologies.  I skipped most of the base cards in favor of a mini insert of the best pitcher in baseball.  Error in judgment on my part.  It won't happen again.

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