Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Cards, Part 2

One inevitability of Christmas is that you will have to return something to the store.  Maybe something doesn't fit, you got two of something, or your crazy cousin just doesn't give a shit enough to ask you what you wanted. Sorry, cuz, a coin sorter is not a Christmas gift, even if Target wrapped it for you.

Anyway, I was returning an item or three to Target.  I don't know if you guys know this, but Target sells trading cards. 

I bought some because I didn't get any in my stocking.  Apparently the fat man doesn't think I need more baseball cards.  I don't think he needs cookies, but you know what, fat man? I gave you freaking cookies because it's Christmas. 

I like the $1.59 Target bin.  It's nice to pay what a pack should cost.

The pack of 2012 Topps Evan Longoria's Face yielded a short print and a checklist.  I found the checklist to be more interesting.

As for the 2012 GQ, I won't bore you with the base cards.  Relax Night Owl, 2012 GQ base cards are boring.  They just are.  Grey with a side of tan.  Grainy for the sake of grain. Boring.

At least these cards are pretty nice.  I'm not big on the "Hallmark Heroes" insert.  I feel like a card with that name should open up and have a witty saying on the inside.

GQ = another reason to make minis

The Phillips is a parallel.  Topps decided Grey/Tan wasn't exciting enough and went with the 2-month-old's poop/11-month-old's poop combo.  The Reynolds is a red GQ back.  It would be a fantastic pull for my collection if I didn't already have it.  Bummer.

Apparently the fat man made the right decision in not getting these for me.  It's like he knows.


Hackenbush said...

Funny stuff! My Target never seems to have anything good in the bargain bin.

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Not only does your cousin buy you bad Christmas gifts, he also doesn't listen. I told him to get you the Superman snuggie.