Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Cards, Part 3

When I purchased the four packs I opened in Part 2, I opened them in my truck in the Target parking lot.  When you are me, you get to do awesome things like that.  After opening them, viewing them, shedding a tear for my money, and placing them back in the wrappers, I opened the center console to put them in there.  As it turns out, it wasn't the first time I've done that.  I was greeted by the pleasant sight of 5 other packs I'd opened a while ago.  Double Christmas fun!

Two packs of 2011 Chromey Chrome, one pack of 2012 Bowman (how have I completed the prospect and prospect chrome sets but not the base set? wtf?), and two more packs of 2012 Grey Tan.

My wife will be the first to tell you that I have a way of taking something small, making it obnoxious and being a dick about it.  I don't want you guys to be without the level of annoyance that she has.  I was originally going to scan all of the cards from these packs.

Instead, Night Owl, I won't bore you with the base cards.

This is almost a base that's something.

Xfractors are fantastic.  Way better than base cards.

Gold parallel...not better than a base card.  Big Papi doesn't give a f*** about that, though.

International parallel? Immensely better than a base card.  Absolutely gorgeous.

2012 GQ base cards wouldn't be so boring if they looked a little more like the inserts. 

One of these is a red back.  Unfortunately both of them are normal fronts.

I declare the winner of the console cards to be King Felix.  It's not close.

That does it for the Christmas packs I had.  I'll have to go find some more base cards to not scan.  Hopefully I'll come across some so I can beat this dead horse a little more.


Daniel Wilson said...

I've done the exact same thing in finding cards in my middle console when putting more cards in there. It's always fun!

night owl said...


Hackenbush said...

I could spare some of my excess self control. Can you send that through e-mail?