Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2011 UD College Football Legends: Bowl Game Heroes

When flipping through the Bowl Game Heroes inserts, I noticed four that stood out to me.  The first two stood out because they involved Michigan, the favorite team of my fellow college football enthusiast.

Both cards feature Rose Bowl games between Washington and Michigan, with each team winning one.  Anthony Carter is in the base set, base auto set, all three insert sets, and all four auto insert sets.  He's everywhere.

For the record, the player being stiff-armed for Michigan is #91 Tom Seabron, I believe. 

The other two cards from the set that stood out to me are, unfortunately, VT losses.

It's hard to feel too bad about losing to Jim Kelly and Aaron Rodgers.  The Cal game in 2003, though, was during my first year at VT, so I remember it all too well.

Bryan Randall was VT's QB for that game.  He was 24-34 for 398 yards and 4 touchdowns.

I ended up with the complete 25-card insert set.  I also got a dupe of Bo Jackson.

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Dennis said...

Wooooo AC! Still loving this product. Make sure to let me know if I can get you anything on COMC for the stuff you're holding for me.