Thursday, January 9, 2014

2011 UD College Football Legends: Decade's Best

The more I look at the Decade's Best cards, the more I like them. I scanned one from each represented decade: 

I love the "Cost of Living" table.  Fantastic addition.  Did you read Hornung's blurb?  Could you imagine the uproar if a player on a 2-8 team won the Heisman these days?


Now that the upperclassman shadow has left the Heisman, I think we'll see a repeat winner in the next 10 years.  It could realistically happen next year with Jameis Winston.  Archie is still the only repeat winner.  What most people don't know is that his sophomore year (5th in voting) was actually better statistically than his senior year when he won it.  If not for John Cappelletti having a stellar season, Griffin could possibly have won three times.

2,628 yards and 37 touchdowns in one season.  Holy shit that's ridiculous. That doesn't even include his 222 yards and 5 touchdowns in three quarters at the 1988 Holiday Bowl.



I ended up with 39 of the 40 cards in the set, which is awesome.  I still need to pick up the Steve Young card.  I got dupes of Bob Griese and Earl Campbell.

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Dennis said...

Um, excuse me, why is there no Anthony Carter in this post?

I'm impressed by your box's collation, that's very cool!