Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seriously, that last post was better than you acted.

So I haven't posted in a little over a week as I've been balls-to-the-wall busy, and you've been forced to stare at my last post for a while.  My last post got only 3 comments, and that's just disappointing.  That post was probably one of my favorites of all time. That post had most of the features that you look for in a post, and only three people felt it warranted a comment.  Thanks to Ryan, Thorzul and paulie3jobs for commenting. 

List of the things that were in my last post that people look for in posts:

1. A unique many other videos have you seen at the grave of the man who helped invent cards? Not baseball cards...CARDS, period.  Thanks to Ryan and paulie3jobs for recognizing the on-site-ness of the post.

2. A fulfilled prophesy...I said in my very first post ever that I would go back and visit the Ginter's grave, and I did. Seriously, after all the promises I have broken, I fulfill the one that I made on the very first day.  That's gotta be worth one comment alone.

3. New and relevant cards...I ripped a rack pack of Allen and Ginter.  Fresh cards almost always get a comment. 

4. A Topps collation problem...I got shorted a mini, while standing at the grave of Lewis Ginter. 

5. More new and relevant cards...I ripped a second rack pack of Allen and Ginter.  More cards typically means more comments. 

6. A rare Topps collation victory after a failure...I got not 1, not 2, but 3 minis in the second rack pack.

7. A super rare Mini pull...I pull a Flora of the World mini and I get crickets...

8. Outing a huge Topps error...I explain, in depth, why the Mexican Hat card is so incredibly incorrect and a perfect example of Topps' laziness.  Have we become so disillusioned with Topps that nobody cares that a plantable card that was made so hard to pull that hardly anyone wants to plant them and which says a plant is poisonous that isn't because Topps designers are too stupid to use a little more than Wikipedia for their research?

I don't claim to be a great blogger like Thorzul.  I don't claim to have original posts like Night Owl.  I don't claim to do cool on-location videos like Stale Gum.  I don't claim much, but that last post was better than you acted. 


- potch wheeler said...

I love this post!

Were you saying something or other about another post you're proud of? I should probably take a look.

dawgbones said...

betcha this post gets more than 3 comments...

Commishbob said...

Huge props for the Mitch Hedberg reference!!!

paulie3jobs said...

Missed the Mitch Hedberg reference, please enlighten.

Spankee said...

"I didn’t go to college, but if I did, I would’ve taken all my tests at a restaurant, 'cause the customer is always right. (reacting to meager applause) All right, all right. That joke’s better than you acted. Perhaps it’s not. Maybe it’s dumb. It could be. I hear you, man. I'm not a fuckin', genius, for Christ's sake, you know? I'm just tryin' to tell some jokes. Shit, who the fuck are you? That track is number 14. It’s called "Attitude."
-Mitch Hedberg

So, the "that joke's better than you acted" was the motivation for the post title.

paulie3jobs said...

Got it, gotta find some more Mitch stuff. Only discovered him after he passed, what a shame. "I'm sick of following my dreams, I'm just gonna ask where they're goin' and hook up with them later." Priceless

SpastikMooss said...

Mitch Hedburg + Half Baked = AWESOME. So I went back and read the last post which was also awesome. Nicely done.

Commishbob said...

There are SIX ducks outside.... and they all want SUNCHIPS!!

Cheeseburgers? Nope, we got spaghetti.... and blankets!

Sorry guys, I'll stop now. We could do this all day.