Sunday, August 28, 2011

Belated Pack Break #4: Saving the best for last

This is the last of my old crap. But, this crap is oh so awesome.

Jean-Claude Van Damme right!
1994 Upper Deck Street Fighter:

"She Who Hesitates is Lost",
Behid the Scenes: Bisonopolis,
"You Will Be Defeated",
M. Bison,
"Hit the Beach"

I love that the Dhalsim card has him standing in front of a Street Fighter II screenshot from Dhalsim's level in India.

This pack led to some great websurfing. The path I took:

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Frank Dux
Only the Strong
Youtube Capoeira Videos
Mark Dacascos
Iron Chef America
Bobby Flay

So I went from thinking about Street Fighter to thinking about the steaks I'm going to grill up tonight.  That's a good day of websurfing right there.

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beardy said...

If you name was Charles Oakley you'd be playing that game, instead of opening cards based on it.