Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Bowman Platinum Value Pack

New product, so naturally I had to pick up a sample.  I reeeeeeeally wanted to grab a blaster of Allen and Ginter, but I figured I should just get the Bowman Platinum dissappointment out of the way.  I picked up a value pack, which follows from last year with the 3 packs and 3 purple refractors format. 

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

Pack 3:


>>> I gotta say, this year is much better than last year.  I like that the background is shiny, but still shows up.  Last year's silver was a bit overboard.  These cards scan a hell of a lot better, too.  I love the Xfractors. I do have a couple of beefs, though. First of all, Manny Ramirez shouldn't be in yet another set.  On that note, neither should Stephen Strasburg.  They should can the purple refractors, though.  Make the bonus cards Xfractors and I'll buy. Also, make the prospect checklist 50 instead of 100 and put more than 4 cards in the retail pack. 

I'd like to get a couple more cards for $9, but at least the product has improved.  That said, I probably won't buy much more.


A2 Wolverine said...

Can you set aside the Ackley for me?

IkesCards said...

Isaac picked up rack pack at Wal-mart and pulled a prospect auto... I can't remember who.

madding said...

Shelby Miller! Nice. That's all I really have to say.

BA Benny said...

I like the look better this year as well (at least the pictures I have seen on blogs as I haven't got any in hand yet). You can surely guess the two I want if they are available for trade.