Friday, August 26, 2011

Belated Pack Break #2: 2009 Enterplay Fan Paks

You've probably seen these before.  You've probably bought some.  You've probably hated them because they are shaped completely wrong and can't be stored traditionally. 

I picked these up at Dollar Tree.  They are fun, especially for a buck, but they just don't fit well anywhere.

Pack 1:

David Ortiz Standee
Torii Hunter Standee
Red Sox '04 WS Champions Headliners
Ken Griffey Jr. Headliners
FanTats Angels, American League, "Double Play"
Trivia Card #78

>>> Gotta love getting standees, trivia and tattos all in one pack

Pack 2:

David Ortiz Standee
Jimmy Rollins Standee
JR Towles Headliners
Yadier Molina Headliners
FanTats Dodgers, Houston Astros, "What a Game"
Trivia Card #79

>>> I had so much planned for these.  I was going to show the standee standing; I was going to show the tattoos tattooed on me; I was going to challenge you with the trivia.  I was going to do all that until these sat in my bloggy queue for almost a year.  Now, you just get scans. 

If these were 2.5" x 3.5", this would be maybe the greatest set ever. 

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