Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weird Collation.

Can I just note that despite the presence of a fuzzy monkey pen and a stolen Chick-Fil-A ketchup in the background, the box of cards is still the most random thing on the table.  I must note, though, that Chick-Fil-A's new dip & squeeze ketchups are badass.  On another note, Ollie's sells the weirdest stuff.  For example, I just bought a box of Weird-Oh's Baseball Cards for $2.97 + tax.  My original plan was to rip a pack and feature it here, and then use the rest of the box as random trade package filler. Well, after opening the first pack, I decided to google these cards to learn more.  What I found was that they are reprints of an actual card set produced in 1967 featuring the artwork of Bill Campbell.  The site for the cards can be found here

Here is the first pack I opened:

Each front has a cartoon and a little two-line couplet.  These cards are actually pretty funny.  I saw a lot of parallels to current Major Leaguers. Just look at that last card and tell me you aren't starting to think CC stands for Chowhound Charlie. 

The backs have even more humor.  I'm starting to love this set.  I want the '67 originals now.  Oh well, back to the box.

After searching a little, I came across a forum post where I guy describes opening a couple of these boxes and getting 2 complete sets plus extras out of each box.  There are 66 cards in the set, and 192 cards in a box, so that seemed reasonable.  Since the cards were starting to grow on me, and I only paid $3, I figured I would open packs until I got a complete set, then use the rest of the packs as random filler.  I figured that, worst case scenario, I would complete the set in the last pack and not have any left over.  I figured wrong. After the to left pack, I went to top middle.  Since the cards were basically the same, I thought maybe I should do a whole stack first, so I went back to the left, still the same.  Top right, still the same... Here are the cards I got, with the amount of each card I got in parenthesis.

1(x2), 2, 3(x3), 4(x4), 5(x3), 6(x19), 12(x19), 13(x2), 14(x3),
23(x8), 24(x18), 27(x2), 29(x15), 30(x5), 31(x3), 38(x18), 44,
56(x18), 57(x4), 58(x3), 61(x9), 63(x19), 64(x4), 65(x8)

24/66 = 36% of the set. 

That's correct, I got 19 of card #63 "Al Falfa".  That CC Sabathia Chowhound Charlie card...#24...I got 18.  Halfway through, I thought about quitting, but I kept going out of morbid curiosity.  Now I'm conflicted.  I want the set now.  I don't want another box of the same damn cards.  I might have to go by Ollie's again.  I mean, it's only $3, right?  Not to mention that I can Weird-Oh Bip like a mofo now.


dawgbones said...

Don't do it!! Yeah it's only $3, but you'll end up missing like twelve after the second box, leading to a third, and next thing you know... plus, I also found these intriguing, and bought a box last weekend, I got two complete sets plus the bippage!! Email me the ones you are missing and I'll compare the extras and/or give you the 2nd set from my box. I think card #1 has a little wax on it, but the rest look fine. I guess I don't get to post about this find now either LOL...

The Chuck said...


I bought a box of the "Collector Cards" and the "Baseball Cards" yesterday, and tore through the packs to find that the packs in both boxes were all in sequential order (1-8, or 9-16, etc.) I got a full set (up to 64--65 or 66 are at large--I'm guessing these were short-printed?