Monday, August 29, 2011

Trade with Night Owl

I might as well get this trade post out of the way now.  I say that because, if Night Owl gets around to posting the cards I sent him, his post will blow mine out of the water.  Night Owl writes the blog I wish I could write.  I wish I had original ideas and a bevy of go-to themes for my blog, like he does.  Where Night Owl is eloquent, I am blabbering.  Where Night Owl offers keen observations and alert analysis, I offer poorly constructed criticism and anus jokes.  I like to think we each fill an important role, though.  I'm wrong, but I like to think that.  If Night Owl is The Godfather, I am Gigli. Night Owl is the grandfather you always wanted.  I am the drunk uncle that makes all the kids feel uncomfortable.  Night Owl effortlessly entertains while I forcefully alienate.   

But anyway...

He sent me a bunch of 2008 and 2010 Allen and Ginter, including 8 dead people and a truck.

Apparently he gets a fair amount of A&G Dodgers, because he essentially sent me the team set:

I can't forget the states he sent me as well.  They are my first 5, other than the David Wright one I have in my PC

Coolest flag? a lot.  He also hooked me up with some 2011 inserts:

Lastly, he sent me a couple PC cards:

Thanks, again Night Owl. 


Spankee said...

I should note that I wrote this post last week in anticipation of the hurricane and impending power outage and a couple vacation days. Night Owl, of course, beat me to the punch and posted his side of the trade the other day.

night owl said...


No, really, forceful alienation is underrated.

dawgbones said...

That would be a blabbering slacker there Night Owl!!

Nice Utley there Spankee, and the Monster truck is cool too.

How'd you fair in the Hurriquake last week?