Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Card Store Pickups

I found a decent card store in my area the other day, which was a nice surprise because all I had found in the first year of living here was a comic book store that hasn't gotten any new cards in the entire year.  My wife was out of town, so I had some time to dig through the singles and pick up a few cards I wanted.  I also picked up four packs of 1999 Finest (2 each series 1 and 2) and the Just Minors 2K pack I posted the other day.  It's just wrong to visit a card store and not buy an old pack to open.  I'll post the finest packs in the next couple of days.  For now, here are the other cards I picked up:

I picked up some David Wright cards for my collection (before I reached 100):

I really wanted the 2006 Topps Update HR Derby card, as it had somehow eluded me to this point.  The Dick Perez Chrome Refractor is also an awesome card to pick up for dirt cheap. I flipped through the cheap Game Used and Auto bin to see if they had anything interesting, and I came across a David Wright from 2009 Topps 206

If that swatch was blue, this card would be sick.  But, it is cool that it is from his All-Star Jersey.  I also picked up some VT Hokies including Jimmy Williams, Xavier Adibi, Josh Morgan, and Macho Harris, all guys that played while I was there. 

I love the Josh Morgan card, because I was most likely at that game.  The Macho is cool, though I do prefer the guys to be in their college uniforms.  Against my will, I did purchase a few West Virginia guys as well for my mentor at work.  I picked up some of Pat White, Owen Schmitt, Chris Henry and Steve Slaton.  I miss playing WVU every year, but I'm glad I don't have to go through the rivalry business every year with the guy I share an office with. 

Look for the 1999 Finest packs coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Ha - what a great banner photo! ;)

Think I can help you with your wantlist a bit; got any Twins to get rid of? Here's my wantlist and trader page:

Anonymous said...

Really like the Wright T206.