Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Topps Football Rack Pack

I just got back from a fun (sarcastic) weekend watching Virginia Tech lose in our worst loss ever.  We lost 21-16 to I-AA James Madison.  Not only was it against an in-state opponent, it was at home.  Time for a coaching shuffle...Anyway, I don't plan on buying a ton of 2010 football since there isn't much VT representation in it, but I did buy a Wal-Mart rack pack the other day.  I like the set and think the inserts are pretty interesting, so I may buy a pack or two more.  Here are the highlights of my pack:

Not bad to start with a couple of the best player in the game.  Too bad Arian Foster had to rain on the Colts season opener.

First, a Gridiron Giveaway code with Joe Montana on the front.  I like the baseball version of this, so the football version is good with me.  I'll get to the redemption of this later.  Second, a Gridiron Lineage of Brandon Marshall and Demaryius Thomas.  Well at least Topps feels that Thomas will follow in Marshall's footsteps as an incredibly talented headcase waste.   Third, a Peak Performance CJ Spiller.  Spiller is starting for the Bills, which is a testament to how bad they are this year.  Spiller couldn't run on ACC is he going to carry the load in the NFL.  Within three years, he will be signing with a new team as a kick return specialist and nothing more.

A couple cards of the Champs.  That Brees throwback card is sweet; really glad he got a ring. 

Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo...many words describe this matchup...classic is not one of them.  Eli and Romo are the epitome of mediocrity in the NFL.  Eli has been overhyped since he was drafted (he was only the third best QB in that draft).  Don't give me the "he won a championship" crap either.  He had his ring gifwrapped and handed to him all while he was putting his best effort out there to lose it for them.  Romo isn't bad, he's just not a top level QB.  The Cowboys offense is designed so he can make several short dumpoffs without having to do too much.  That's also why the 'Boys haven't been too successful.

Now on to the rookies:

Golden Tate: a good college reciever underachieving for the Seahawks.
Kyle Wilson: Backup corner behind  Revis, a good place to start your career.
Gerald McCoy: A beast who had 3 tackles and forced fumble in his first game...nice.
LaMarr Houston: 3 tackles in his first start.
Ben Tate:  on Injured Reserve
Phillipp Dillard: ...
Dez Bryant: 8 rec 56 yds, but thrown to wayyyy too much by the mediocre QB mentioned above.
Tim Tebow: 2 carries, 2 yards.  But really didnt play much at all.  I hope he does well, but I don't see him producing a ton the first couple years.  But, I like guys who work hard and don't complain. This is one of the only cards I wanted from this set, so I'm glad I got it.  How sad is Brady Quinn by the way...

All in all, not bad for 5 bucks.  All are for trade except the Tebow, Brees Throwback (unless a really good offer was made), and the Gridiron Code. Speaking of the Gridiron Code, I waited until it seemed like a lot of older cards were popping up and submitted my code.  And what magnificent card was I granted...

1990 Bob Nelson...woo..........hoo......I really didn't feel like bothering to put a picture of the card in here.  He is notable however, as the original football house rule in Tecmo Bowl, since he was unstoppable.  I traded this card for a Hokie, though, so it was well worth it.

Good ole Lee Suggs.  It's a shame he couldn't stay healthy, he was tremendously talented.

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