Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dollar Tree Fun: Round 2

Yesterday I mentioned that I picked up a couple PressTine repacks from Dollar Tree and showed you the outcome of the baseball pack.  I got cards ranging from 1984 to 2008, so it covered pretty much my entire life.  Hopefully the football pack won't disappoint.  I'll do a quick "where are they now" also:

-2009 Sage Hit Nate Davis (starting off with a pretty recent card, not bad) [status: 49ers Practice Squad]
-1989 Pro Set Rick Donnelly (I love the 20 year jump back in time, just what you expect from a pack like this) [status: ?]
-1993 Classic Gold Tom Carter III 1/5000 (wow, getting a little high class with a 5000 print run card) [status: working with the NFLPA on the concussion issue]
-1993 Classic Gold Deon Figures 1/5000 (another goldie, nice)[status:?]
-1991 Pinnacle Rookie Bryan Cox (nice, he later gave the double middle finger to the Buffalo crowd)[status: defensive line coach for the Browns]
-1990 Pro Set Alan Veingrad [status: motivator...yeah, I didn't expect to find a whole damn website for the guy]
-2008 Upper Deck Star Rookies Chauncey Washington (another relatively recent card, and pretty nice looking one at that)[status: Jets practice squad]
-1991 Pro Set Tim Harris [status:?]
-1992 Upper Deck Steve Beuerlein [status: NFL and College analyst for CBS]
-1993 Collector's Edge Corey Harris #032274/100000 (these cards are pretty cool since they are plastic and serial numbered)[status: business man/family man?]
-1989 Pro Set Mike Gann (and we're back in the '80s)[status:?, but his son plays for Army]
-1988 Topps New Orleans Saints "Hebert Hands Off" (the oldest card yet)[Hebert Status: drag queen?]
-2007 Playoff Contenders Greg Jennings (woohoo!!! an active player!!!)[status: Packers WR]
-1990 Score Clarence Verdin [status: ?]
-1991 Score Art Monk (alrighty, a HOFer) [status: businessman]
-1994 Fleer Ultra Louis Oliver [status: high-end Realtor in Miami Beach]
-1988 Topps Michael Walter [status:?]
-1991 Score Vince Newsome [status: Ravens Director of Pro Personnel]
-1994 Score Gold Zone Warren Moon (two HOFers in one repack, I'll take it) [status: Seahawks Broadcaster]
-2006 Score Plaxico Burress (well shoot me in the leg, I got a Plax.  One of the guys I'm not so happy he's from the 757)[status: inmate...seriously, if you only click one of these links, this is the one to click]
-1993 Classic Tom Carter III (deja vu, only it's not gold this time)[status: see above]

Well, not quite as fun as the baseball pack, though I did have more fun looking up these guys (especially looking up Plax in the NY State Department of Correctional Services website).  All in all, it was a fun pack, and I did get two HOFers.  All i have to say is, man, these guys take a broad range of paths through the league and after leaving the league.

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