Monday, September 6, 2010

I really hate people sometimes

I was at Target yesterday and came across a marked-down 2009 Goudey blaster, so I picked up since I hadn't bought much '09 Goudey and the price was right.  I resisted opening it in the car since my wife usually  gives me crap when I do that, so I took it home.  I got home and ripped off the shrink-wrap, only to find that EVERY pack in the box had been opened.  Instead of the 8 cards per pack, each pack had only 3-5 cards, all base.  I was so pissed.  I hate people that do crap like that.  And even worse, after the person opened them, they RETURNED it to the store.  Target, being the great operation they are, simply re-shrink-wrapped it.  I'm not sure if I would be more mad if a) the Target employee didn't the check box contents for tampering since they wanted to be a lazy bum or if b) the Target employee checked, saw the ripped packs and thought "oh, we'll just put it on sale".  So then, I had to drive 20 mins back to Target to get my 10 dollars back.  I told the cashier that I got home, opened the box, and saw that all the packs were searched.  I was fully prepared to raise hell if I was accused of the asinine act, but fortunately she could tell from my demeanor that I was pissed.  She refunded my money and I was on my way, card-free.  I wish I could meet the person that opened the packs and took the cards. 


TJ said...

That's a pretty douchebag move. But still, Target is to blame for that one. At least you got your money back.

lonestarr said...

Ha, I'll do ya one better. I had that happen with a freakin' computer! I noticed the box was beat up a bit and had some tape on it, but didn't think any more about it. So got it home turned it on, and "Welcome, Shaquilla". WTF??? So I took it back and got it exchanged for one that hadn't previously been used lady Shaq, but I'm pretty sure they just repackaged the used one again. :(