Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trade with Timmy519

I just got my trade package from Timmy519 full of 2008 UD X Die Cuts.  He offered up about 20 Die Cuts I needed and four Die Cut Golds, and I sent him some UDX Base cards, some 2010 Topps inserts he needed, and a UDX Posada Jersey.  It was a fun trade as we were both able to find some cards we needed.  A look at some of the cards:

I think it would be awesome to finish the base, die cut, and die cut gold, because they would look sweet in a binder with each player's three cards in each row.  Fortunately I already have the Pujols Gold which could be hard to find and I have the best card in the set - Evan Longoria RC in base, die cut, and die cut gold.  The Jeter gold might be hard to get though. 

Anyway, a great trade with Timmy519 that got me closer to finishing 2008 UDX.


timmy519 said...

Thanks for A great trade . Hope we can trade again

Baseball Cards Rule said...

Great set to collect. Good luck.