Monday, December 30, 2013

Did I reach my 2013 goals?

In the early days of 2013, I put out a post that outlined several of my blogging and collecting goals.  You can read that again here.

I just want to quickly run through my goals and see how I did this year.

1) Downsizing - Failure, but headed in the right direction.  I added a lot more cards than I subtracted, but I did manage to get a ton of organizing a de-duping done.  I'm poised to give away a bunch of stuff in 2014 and hopefully reduce the closet footprint of my collection. Grade: C-

2) Baseball Player collections:
  • Scott Sizemore - Increased my collection from 108 cards to 144 unique cards (incl 4 1/1s)
  • David Wright -  Goal: 275, Current: 282.  I also added an auto, which was huge.
  • BJ Upton - Goal: 225, Current: 227.
  • Justin Upton - Goal: 150, Current: 160. I also added an auto.
  • Justin Verlander - Goal: 175, Current: 181.
  • Ryan Zimmerman - Goal: 200, Current: 226.
  • Michael Cuddyer - Goal: 75, Current: 79.
  • Mark Reynolds - Goal: 55, Current: 56.
  • OVERALL - Goal: 1200, Current: 1211.
Not only did I meet my goals for every player, I met my overall goal and added autos of David and Justin.  Grade: A+

3) VT Hokie Football collections:
  • Bryan Randall - Increased my collection from 21 to 24 unique cards (incl this)
  • All other Hokies -  Goal: 400 cards/50 players, Current: 415/50
I would have given myself an A just based on the Randall increase and meeting my card/player goal.  The gold refractor 1/1 for Randall, though, made this year spectacular. Grade: A+

4) Blog:
  • Contests - I only had one, but it was a huge football contest that lasted a few months.
  • New Banner - Done!
  • Page Views (all time) - Goal: 150,000, Current: 179,911
  • Comments (all time) - Goal: 2000, Current: 2046 (and I've been deleting spam)
  • Posts (all time) - Goal: 1000+, Current: 1344
If not for struggling with posts in Sept-Nov, I would have had my most prolific year of posting.  Still, it was a successful year, and I accomplished most of what I wanted to do. Grade: A-

I'd say I had another pretty good year.


cynicalbuddha said...

Nice job Spankee. I do love the HOF dig on the Cooperstown card. It still makes me chuckle when I see it.

AdamE said...

This post made me go back and look at my 2013 collecting goals and I didn't do so good.

Brad's Blog said...

Thanks for the shout out and the trade of course!