Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After 3 years of jealousy...'s finally mine.

I have wanted this card ever since the curator of natscards (don't go to the site now, it's covered in casino crap) pulled it from a retail pack in the fall of 2010.  Unfortunately, I was slightly late to the party as Joe from The Sandlot had already made a deal for it. Sure, David has tons of autos out there that I could have gone after.   I wanted this one; a 2005 Topps Autograph.  It's on-card, it's blue,  and he's rocking the orange jersey.  I bid on some, but never won. 

That is, until recently.  This card showed up on eBay and the bidding stayed low enough that I had a chance.  As time ran out, I was still on top.  After nearly 3 years of wanting this card, it's mine.

Dave was the last PC auto I needed.  The framework of my collection is now complete.


Dennis said...

That's a purdy auto! Not bad for Topps. Congrats!

Greg Zakwin said...

congrats dude! welcome to the Wright auto club!