Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On the Seventh Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

...7 Dueling Blasters,
6 Hobby Chromes,
5 Value Things,
4 Golfy Tigers,
3 Rack Packs,
2 Magic Cards,
A Mega Box with Topps Chrome!

I love 2008 Artifacts/A Piece of History.  If I could get a case of anything (within reason), it would probably be that. Naturally, when I see a discounted blaster, I bite. 

Today is an extra special day, though.  I have 2 of these blasters. Time for a blaster war.

There are 7 packs in each box.  Each pack has a silver parallel, which is annoying, because the coloring isn't that far off from the regular base.  Each box also has 2 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and a relic.  As the box says, "Look for Hollywood Memorabilia Cards!".

I didn't want to mess with the base cards and compare them, so we'll assume those are a wash.

Let's look at the silver parallels.

Blaster A wins in a landslide.  I didn't have that Justin Upton so it made this an easy decision.  Additionally, Space Shuttle > Sputnik.

On to the YSL:

Bernie Williams = Bernie Williams, so that's even.  Hmmmm...Jeter or Maas.  Yeah, advantage Jeter.  Blaster A wins again.

Lastly, let's check out the relics:

Let's see.  On one hand, we have a jersey card of the reigning World Series MVP.  On the other, we have pajamas worn by Jennifer Garner in "Time of Your Life".  To solve this one, I'll put myself in the mindset of the swatch.  Would I rather be on Jennifer Garner or David Ortiz.  Yeeeeah.  I'm picking Jennifer Garner.  Blaster A sweeps the war.

One week until Christmas!


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