Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm now THE Bryan Randall Supercollector.

In total, Bryan Randall has 48 cards.  Of those 48, 16 are Printing Plates.  Plates are like fringe cards, so I'm really interested in the other 32.  Of the remaining 32, 3 are true 1/1s.  They would be the Bowman Gold 1/1, Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor 1/1, and the UD Reflections Rainbow 1/1. 

A little over two years ago, I started my Bryan Randall collection by buying the Gold 1/1 on eBay.  I knew I had to snag one more 1/1 to officially be THE Bryan Randall Supercollector.  That day came recently when the Chrome Gold Refractor 1/1 showed up on eBay.  I was surprised how high the bidding got, but I had to have the card.  It is Randall's best card.  If it came from a newer product, it would be the superfractor. 

I've added it to my Bryan Randall Collection page.  My total tally now stands at 23 different cards.  My most wanted card now becomes the Chrome Silver Refractor #/50, which I need to complete the Chrome rainbow. Speaking of rainbows, I wouldn't mind if the UD Reflections Rainbow 1/1 came along at some point. 

Since I now have his two best cards, I had to scan them together:


Dennis said...

Wow, cool! Good luck getting the rest.

Greg Zakwin said...

congrats dude!