Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Sixth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

6 Hobby Chromes,
5 Value Things,
4 Golfy Tigers,
3 Rack Packs,
2 Magic Cards,
A Mega Box with Topps Chrome!

I hadn't been to the LCS in a while, and I'd been dying to open some 2013 Chrome Football.  I was going to say I Jameis Winstoned these packs, but nobody else also opened these same packs on the same night.

There was one base card I really wanted.  I got it.

Go Hokies!

SportsCardsUncensored helped make me want to buy Topps Chrome.  Then he somehow magically made me pull a Patterson refractor.

These are cool, but the un-chrome tallboys are nicer.  Some designs just don't need chrome. 

These look great in chrome, though.

Great googly moogly.  What the hell is that thing?  I didn't know I was opening Topps Late '90s Pacific.  This is die cut, which means normal edges are as non-existent as Te'o's broad.

Yes, I know "Te'o's" looks weird.  Not my problem.  Blame grammar.  And Hawaiians.

I also slipped out something pink and lacy...

Nice card of a potential ROY. 

Lastly, I pulled the box's auto in my 6 packs, so a winner is me...ish...

I got the auto, but the pink Lacy is actually a better card.  That's disappointing.

I didn't have any active redemptions before this, so at least I know have something to look forward to.  And, there's always hope that I have to get a replacement card that I actually want.

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Anonymous said...

the scan of the David Wilson is pretty awesome...such a great photo!