Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Topps Strata = Early Christmas Present

Sometimes you just buy stuff on a whim.  I happened to stop by the LCS (http://www.jerseysccg.com/) on the day Strata came out.  The box price was pretty reasonable and the guy said he had just opened the case.  I decided to treat myself to a box (18 packs, 6 cards), being that it was the first from the case. 

I ended up with more than half of the base set, so if I pick up any boxes in the future, I may try to finish it.  I think I had 3 dupes.  Getting more than half of the base set is pretty good, in my mind, for a product like this.  I got one base card for my VT Hokie collection:

David Wilson
There are Topaz parallels (1:4 packs), of which I got 5.

Eifert, Patterson, Ponder, Nicks

Including this guy:

Mike Vick
I got one numbered parallel,

Zach Ertz Gold #59/99
Ertz is having a pretty good season, especially with Foles at the helm.

I got two rookie die cuts.  At one-per-box, I beat the odds.

Swope, Barkley
This is turning into an Eagles-fest.

The box promises three hits, and I got three.  No complaints, here.

The first is a jersey card.  I did a little better than average and got a gold patch parallel:

Markus Wheaton Gold Patch #23/90
My second hit was an autograph redemption:

I'll probably redeem it, hope he doesn't sign, and try to ask for a former-Hokie replacement.

My last hit comes one-per-case, so I'd say I did pretty well with my box.

Landry Jones Signature Relic #35/35
It's not one of the top rookies, but Jones still has a decent following.  Apparently my Eagles box turned into a PA box.  The scan definitely doesn't do justice to the card. 

I took advantage of having Strata earlier than a lot of folks and listed the good stuff on eBay.  The Ertz, Wheaton Patch, and Jones Auto/Relic all sold, which helped me recoup most of what I spent.  I'm always happy when I bust a box, get to keep a bunch of cards and still make back some money.  I would recommend Strata if you're looking to bust a hobby box at a reasonable price.  There are a lot of nice looking cards in there.

Merry Christmas to me!

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Anonymous said...

the strata cards look pretty nice this year and you seem to have beaten the odds on the hits. very cool