Monday, December 23, 2013

On the Twelfth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

12 Why'd I buy these?,
11 Manuels Posing,
10 Uppers Decking,
9 Ballers Balling,
8 Press-a-Passes,
7 Dueling Blasters,
6 Hobby Chromes,
5 Value Things,
4 Golfy Tigers,
3 Rack Packs,
2 Magic Cards,
A Mega Box with Topps Chrome!

We've all done it...bought that thing for no reason.  There's no hope here.  None at all. 

This time, I did it twice.  That's right, I bought two of these.  They were discounted, but still...why?

Having two of these means we can have box battle, though...which may be the only way to get some value out of these.  10 packs plus two shady mcshaderton jersey/card sets.  That's 12 items.  Appropriate. 

I put the packs in year order for each box.  We'll compare the best cards from corresponding packs to see which box wins.

Here are the packs:

Of course, each box also has 2 jersey/card sets that will also be compared.

Let the games begin!

As much as I like the RB cards, I gotta give the edge to Griffey.  It was the Mariners uni that wins it for me.

C'mon.  Chipper badass by a mile.  1-1

Nice, a gold parallel and a chrome parallel.  I gotta go with the chrome.  Sorry, Carp. Box B retakes the lead. 

While I needed Mauer for my Artifacts set, I also needed the Zimmerman.  PC rules over set building, for me.  Tie ballgame once again.

Not many people have hit their 737th home run.  My vote goes to the best player to ever play the game.  3-2.

Hmmm, ugly FE insert, or gorgeous Griffey insert.  Not even close.  3-3.

Things are not good when a Brad Lidge base card is the best card in the pack.  Cobb by an ear...of corn...aka cob...because I'm hilarious.

So the next pack for Box B gives a Rockies team card.  While I do value it above Brad Lidge, I definitely don't value it above Torre YSL. Just like that, it's 5-3.

I have a ton of those Wright filler cards, but I can't get enough.  I want all of them.  A base card, even the Big Hurt, can't win this one.  6-3.

Oooohooohh, drama.  I'm happy I got a second Wright filler.  However, I love love love 2008 xfractors.  7-3.  This things ugly. 

Now it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for.  What legen-wait-for-it-dary jersey/card sets did I get?

2007 Topps Doug Mientkewicz with a gray swatch and 1993 Fleer Larry Walker with a gray swatch.  Larry wins easily, but the main reason I'll cite is that the swatch matches the card border.  Anything that makes '93 Fleer interesting is good in my book.  Despite Walker getting the win, these two were severely disappointing.

What in the holy hell is that?  That's like the fake-ass jersey set version of a 1/1 laundry tag.

The Frank Thomas is cool, but the Tejada is ridiculous.   The back of the cards says"  The enclosed piece of jersey was cut from an Authentic Jersey from the player pictured on the front.  This Authentic Jersey was obtained from a trading card manufacturer or the secondary market."  Well, that's helpful.  While the authenticity may be questionable, the Majestic label makes sense, at least. 

I'm not sure which box wins.  If the jersey/card sets count for 1 point each, A wins 7-5.  If they count for 2 points, it's a tie 7-7.  If they count for 3 points, it's a 9-7 win for B.  You decide.

Anyway, this made for quite an eventful finale to the 12 Days of Cardmas.  If you're interested in trading (pretty much everything in the 12 DoC series is for trade) let me know.  The Thomas is reserved for Jon from Community Gum if he wants it to go with the one I sent him a couple years ago.

Merry Christmas!

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