Friday, January 18, 2013

Trades abound...

I made a few trades over the holidays that netted me some great cards.  First up was a mini-trade with Jon of Community Gum.  He wanted a Gold Dempster I had from Topps Update, so I traded it to him for a foursome of Topps Minis:

Thanks, Jon...I'm not sure how else I would have ended up with these.

The next trade was sparked by some Japanese cards that interested Spiegel of Nomo's Sushi Platter. We then worked a trade that netted me some player collection cards:

and some set needs:

Thanks, Spiegel!

The next trade was with Joe of the Sandlot.  I scrounged up some Mets for him and he hooked me up with some great cards for my player collections:

Thanks, Joe!

Lastly, I need to show a card that was supposed to be in my Fuji trade post.  He sent along this cool Nadal insert that I needed:

Thanks, again, Fuji!

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Spiegel83 said...

Great trade, dude. Thanks!