Sunday, January 20, 2013

2011 Sweet Spot Football Box 5 of 5

Like Box 4, this one is timed with a football game.  This time, it's Ravens vs. Patriots.  My pick?  Ray Lewis and the Ravens defense are able to keep the game close for a while due to the absence of Gronk in the red zone.  Flacco will play well enough to give the Ravens a third quarter lead, but it will be all Brady for the rest of the game.  Patriots 30, Ravens 21.

We finally come to the last Sweet Spot box.  The last three have been good, producing autos of Aldon Smith, Cam Newton, and DeMarco Murray.  Of course, my favorite was the Tyrod Taylor base auto from the third box.

Tin 1:
69 Evan Royster
13 Niles Paul
39 Nick Fairley
5 DeMarco Murray
35 J.J. Watt
MR-24 Bo Jackson Chris Mortensen Retro Report
RS-TA Tyrod Taylor Helmet Autograph

>>> Hell yeah! First I get a base Tyrod auto, then I snag a helmet auto.  I may need to track down the helmet variation auto for the trifecta.  It's always fun to pull a player you collect.  It's even more fun when you get the exact card you wanted.

Tin 2:
8 Colin McCarthy
15 Stephen Paea
50 Anthony Allen
85 Cam Newton
41 Dane Sanzenbacher
91 Ryan Mallett
TM-5 Torrey Smith Todd McShay Scouting Report
53 Nathan Enderle Autograph

Tin 3:
16 Ras-I Dowling
27 Mario Fannin
47 Ryan Whalen
66 Jeremy Beal
94 Shane Vereen
MR-11 Brian Bosworth Chris Mortensen Retro Report
RS-AB Allen Bailey Helmet Autograph

>>> Ugh, another auto from The []_[].  Seriously, people use []_[] for The U in message boards.  Another reason I don't like Miami.  At least I was able to pair this with the regular Bailey helmet auto in a ebay listing.  If Brian Bosworth played volleyball, he'd be Steve Timmons

Tin 4:
89 Mark Ingram
45 John Clay
71 Aldon Smith
67 Ross Homan
4 Vai Taua
59 Vincent Brown
TM-19 Greg Little Todd McShay Scouting Report
40 Austin Pettis Autograph

>>> Speaking of ebay listing pairings, I was able to sell this Pettis along with his helmet auto from box 2.  Good times.  That does it for my Sweet Spot breaks.  It was an exciting finish, for sure, with pulling a Tyrod Taylor helmet auto in the last box.

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Josh D. said...

Why are you reading Miami message boards??? :-)

It was nice to see Steve Timmons make an appearance. Makes me want to go watch "Sideout" again...