Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tennis anyone...

Ok, so it's about time I posted the memorabilia cards from the huge tennis break I had over the summer.  I felt bad for going so long without posting them, but it's Aussie Open time, so now seems appropriate.

I got at least one of every available player except for Kim Clijsters.  These were really fun because most of them are fancy colors.  It was refreshing given most baseball relics are white or grey.

I'll start with the gentlemen:

It's always unfortunate to end up with 4 of any one card, but at least it's a sharp looking swatch. The Gasquet swatches are actually light green/tan...not dirty.  The Ljubicices...Ljubicics...Ljubicic'...Ljubici? are unfortunately white, but at least the middle one has a hint of a seam.

I just got a black Nalbandian relic from Fuji to go with my white ones.  The Safins and Blakes are all awesome.  The Roddicks are nice, especially the seamy one.

I landed two each of the big three players:

It's really cool to have Federer, Djokovic and Nadal relics.  I love that the Nadals are different.

Now for the lady folk:

Fuji received one of the green Sugiyamas for the Nalbandian I mentioned above.  I really like the Myskina swatches.

Dementieva had, by far, the best swatches.  The pink on is from a thick seam and is really cool in person.  This scan really shows how exciting the swatches are for tennis compared to basic grey/white for baseball.  I know, you're not listening to me because you are jealous that I own something that touched Maria Sharapova. One piece even has a seam...ooh lala.

My favorite swatches are on the bottom of this scan.  Anna Kournikova was, is and will always be the most gorgeous tennis player. 

I'm keeping all of these that are unique, but if there are any perfect duplicates, they are for trade.  Drop me an email if you are interested.

I'm really tempted to open another case or two of these...it's only the base cards that keep me from doing that...I don't need another 20 sets.  Speaking of which, if you want a base set, let me know as well. 

I really need a Clijsters relic, so if you come across one, let me know and we can trade.


dominicfdny said...

i wouldnt mind another tennis set. to go with my net pro set. wat u want for one?

Arno said...

Cool, never seen these before. Too bad there are no Kournikova dupes!