Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl Countdown: 5 Days to go

Who doesn't love Topps Chrome?

Today we have one value pack (3 packs + 3 orange refractors) and two hobby packs.

Vernon Davis was wide open that entire last game...will he be able to keep that up?  Too bad the PAts didn't make it, they had loads of points here.

Schaubfractor and DangeRuss RC, not bad.  The die cut rookie is pretty sweet too.  I really like the throwback cards.  The chrome tallboys are still cooler, though.

So, just one point for the 49ers puts us back in a tie:

Ravens 11
49ers 11


Crackin Wax said...

Those fractors came out nice on your scanner. I usually have to photograph them at odd angles just to get the effect.

Spankee said...

Yeah, my scanner does wonders with refractors, but looks terrible on base chrome cards and foil cards.