Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Countdown: 3 Days to go

So here's a set that serves no purpose and just needs to go away. 

Wow, these scan worse than yesterday's Elite cards.

This is a red foil parallel, not that you could tell there was foil on the base cards. Apparently the red parallels are not numbered, which means they really really serve no purpose.

I hate hate hate the use of "Freshman" for rookies.  Even worse are wordplays like "Freshman Orientation".  Ugh.  The worst is "Frosh" by far.  Hmm, let's see, it is.  Michael Egnew appeared in two games this year and registered 0 catches for 0 yards and 0 touchdowns.  Super.  To be fair, his QB is a TE, too.

No points for the second day in a row.  I guess the Super Bowl will feature a period where the game is tied for a know, since this prediction is perfect.

Ravens 11
49ers 11

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