Friday, January 25, 2013

Super Bowl Countdown: 9 days to go

I said once before that I really liked 2012 SPx football.  Well, I snagged some more packs.  4 to be exact.

"Look for rookie auto jersey cards!" ...don't mind if I do...

Damn these cards are rookie auto jersey cards here, though.

Got a bad rookie, but no rookie auto jersey cards.

Wow, what a sweet card.  This is a great card for fans of the underdog.  Moore and Keenum were two "system" QBs who really torched college defenses throughout their careers.  I really like the dual swatches.  Still, it's not a rookie auto jersey card.

Rookie - Check.  Auto - Check.  Jersey - Check.  Card - Check....ladies and gentlemen, we have a rookie auto jersey card, just like the pack says. Woohoo!  I really like the layout of the card, too.  The oversized wide swatch looks great, and they didn't skimp with the player photo. Ingram was a first round pick of the Chargers, and while he wasn't spectacular this year, he does have a lot of potential to be a solid pass rusher. 

Unfortunately for the Ravens and 49ers, no points are awarded for today.

Ravens 5
49ers 3


Colbey Hopper said...

Don't know what the RC auto books for, but around here I'm sure it'd go for double book. Gamecock fans here are nuts.

The Dimwit said...

Awesome Keenum/Moore jersey card! Keenum is on the Texans practice squad, may be a backup QB some day!