Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Super Bowl Countdown: 12 Days to go

Today's Pack: 2005 Bowman Hobby Pack

I picked up this pack because 2005 happens to be the rookie year of Bryan Randall, my all-time favorite VT player.  The weird part about buying this pack, though, is that I already have the base, bronze, silver #/200, and the gold 1/1.  So, barring a miraculous printing plate pull, I didn't really have a good reason to pick this pack up, especially since 2005 Bowman can be expensive.  2005 is also the rookie year of Aaron Rodgers.

I'm awarding one point to the 49ers for the pack featuring also-rookie Alex Smith.  I'm guessing the 49ers really hope they don't see that pack image on Super Bowl Sunday: Alex Smith with a helmet and a football.

Nothing crazy with the base cards.  The bronze parallel in the lower right is a Heath Miller RC...not bad, though he's a dirty Wahoo. One guy who isn't a dirty Wahoo is Kevin Jones, who is a clean Hokie:

Score one for the home team...well, not in the Super Bowl...I mean me...y'know, the guy who runs this joint.

Tie ballgame:

Ravens 1
49ers 1

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