Monday, May 30, 2011

Just showing off...

I've finally gotten back on the horse as far as regular posting, but I want to show off one of the things that had kept me from posting recently.  I certainly don't have many cards that others can be jealous of, but I do have one thing that I can be proud of.  It's my baby.  My man cave.  The one room of the house that is all mine. 

My garage:

Oh yeah, no garage is complete without a VT-covered grill and a sweet ping-pong table.  The other thing to note in this picture is the beatiful epoxy floor.  If you haven't epoxied your floor, you are missing out.  It can be done in a weekend, is pretty cheap, is very durable and is easy.  I went with gray base and black/white/blue paint flecks.  It looks awesome with the black/gray/white/blue ping-pong table.

The do-it-yourselfers out there are saying, "hey, is that a mini-workshop?", and the alcoholics are saying, "is that a bar?.  I am saying, "yes my children, those are God's greatest Man-ventions:  liquor and power tools."

Don't worry, I've provided more detailed photos:

Yes, workshop essentials:  router table and cabinet with locking casters, work bench with mounted miter saw, custom work bench with replaceable MDF top and baby drill press (yes that's a foam Hokie head), portable table saw, anti-fatigue work mat, Craftsman stool, and all of the fixings within arm's reach.

I got that swank-ass bar for $25 at the thrift store when I was in college.  Greatest. purchase. ever.  The thing has been through hell (haha, aka college), yet the leather is still in pristine shape.  I also have a matching minifridge behind it (with a padlock, because college kids are sheisty). Here's the lowdown: Sitting on the bar are MY bottle of Jim Beam, MY glass, and MY glass coaster.  For friends, there is a handle of Beam on the fridge along with cork coasters and plastic cups. What can I say, like the sign on the wall says, it's MY bar.  Beer drinkers will find a solid selection in the fridge, a complement of koozies, and a set of Guinness pint glasses if you prefer a full pour.  The other essentials can be found behind the bar: towels, flasks, shot glasses, shaker, blender, regular bottle opener, VT bottle opener that plays the fight song, and a half-empty bottle of Fighting Cock left over from college (I say half empty because there is no optimism when you get to the Fighting Cock).  During football season, you can usually find a bottle of Wild Turkey for saluting the Hokies.  I should also note the decor to the left, which is made up of my antique tool collection (I promise to have another tools of the trade post soon).

Any sissies reading this are probably wondering, "but where do you park your car?"  Your Prius may be too afraid of the dark to sleep outside, but my truck lives with the wolves.

Of course, admission is free, donations are accepted, and ping-pong is mandatory.  I do caution you, though, there isn't much I take more seriously than ping-pong. 


Captain Canuck said...

three things....

1) really nice setup!

2) a grill, indoors? Living on the edge. ;)

3) what the hell is a koozie?

Anonymous said...

Greatest. Mancave. Ever.

SpastikMooss said...

Jealous! I live in a two room apartment, so a man cave is so far from a possibility right now. And it's 50/50 whether I'll get one in the future. Bad chance because I have a super feminista girlfriend who wants a craft room someday. Good chance because neither one of us wants a three bedroom house is plenty of room for a craft room and a man cave!

And I loved your joke about the Prius. I drive a Prius-esque Subaru Impreza and it too sleeps with the wolves.

Anonymous said...

Tim the Tool-Guy would be proud of you. I know I am.

Spankee said...

@Captain Canuck:

1) Thanks,

2) I just store it indoors, I wheel it out to the driveway for cooking. Storing it in the garage does lend a nice smell to the garage.

3) A koozie is a foam or neoprene bottle holder to keep the drink cool and your hand not frozen (aka huggie). Thanks!

@SpastikMooss: Youll have it eventually. My wife really wanted a craft room. She got one, except she had to make room for my drums and her carft table is currently covered in is the guest bed. The way I look at it, if the majority of our arguments are over my crap being everywhere...I'm ok with that.

@82RedBirds: Thanks!

SpastikMooss said...

lolol nice.

I'm sure I will, though she's the one getting crap everywhere (I'm surprisingly organized for a card blogger). I'm sure my card binders will be covered in her crossstitch floss someday!

Fuji said...

Awesome setup... I wish I was 1/100th of the man you are. Right now... I have a drill, a hammer, and some screwdrivers sitting in my garage.

One of these days, I'll man up and get me a pair of pliers.

AdamE said...

Looks great. Love the bar in the garage. I used to have one in the garage too. Only instead of the ping pong table I had a dart board. Not one of those little things you hang on the wall one of the big stand up electronic ones like at the bar. At some point I am going to have to find a new one.

Play at the Plate said...

Nothing like a power saw and a little Jim Beam!! Just not at the same time. I'm awed by your organization and jealous of your floor. I need to do that to my garage floor. It looks great.
*Drools jealously*

Eric L said...

Sweet set up. I love the antique tools section and would enjoy a future post giving more details on it. I also respect your decision to keep your drums indoors.
I didn't notice any speakers in the man cave. Where do you get your tunes?

Carlos Saunder said...

Nice setup!

Owner - Table saw Reviews

Spankee said...

@Play at the Plate: I definitely recommend the floor. It's fairly cheap (under $200 for kit and supplies) and it's just like painting. I did have the luxury of doing it when I first moved in, so there wasn't anything in the garage.

@ Eric L: that's a great question. For now, I bring my iPod stereo out. Once some money frees up (you know, cuz that happens a lot...) I plan to put a TV and Stereo out there. The garage has an attic above it that would allow easy access for hiding cables.

Derek said...

I'm behind on reading/posting thanks to no ac and being moved to a model apartment w/o tv and internet, alas, I had to say thats a freaking awesome setup. One day, after I drive up and beat you at ping pong, I'm replacing your hookie head with a cavalier. If I loose I'll change my blogger pic to me wearing the dreaded turkey. fair?

cynicalbuddha said...

Of course the first thing that I noticed as an Alcholic do-it-yourselfer was that there was "Hey nice table saw next to the bar" and didn't think that that was wierd at all.

J Saint said...

I'm really late to the party!
Can you tell me where you got your craftman bench? Model?
I'm setting up my workshop and love your corner setup.
I've got my miter saw (need to mount), sanding belt (mount too), bandsaw (definitely need to mount). Thank you jessica :)

Spankee said...

@J Saint:

The Craftsman bench on the left was actually left by the previous owner of the house, so I don't really know much about it.

The bench to the right was custom made by me.