Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tools of the Trade #1

Welcome to my first Tools of the Trade post.  The title is probably a little more literal than most of you expected.  I intend to showcase a new collection of mine: Antique Tools.  My wife's grandfather heard me talking about how much I enjoyed my new garage/workshop, and he decided it would be a good time to start passing on to me his antique tool collection.  He is a very unique man, and a passionate collector of many things who collects the way we all wish we could.  Perfect example: He once bought a farm because he wanted a farm.  The farm had an old workshop on it, so he decided to fill it with all of the appropriate hand tools.  When they moved from the farm, the tools went into storage, until recently when he started giving them to me. 

I want to make this a regular feature, as it is a way for me to diversify the blog, perhaps introduce people to something different, and also motivation for me to learn about my new (or old, i guess) tools.  I figured I had to start out with something many people may be familiar with: a level.  This, however, is not just any level.

Stanley Rule and Level Company No. 4 Level

Not all of the tools are identifiable as this, but I wanted to start of with a name that many people would recognize.  This level is absolutely beautiful. The level measures 28 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 1 3/8".  It has metal endcaps and metal plates at the two glass tubes.  A closer look at the plate with the markings:

The markings read:

PAT. 6-2-91. 6-23-96.

There is also a "4" imprinted into the wood.  The bubbles still work, though they would need to be adjusted with the adjustment screws to be level. 

It seems like every piece I look at in the collection quickly becomes my favorite piece, but this one is pretty special being a Stanley level.  If anyone knows anything more about it, please let me know. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post!


Charles @ Hoopography said...

Cool post series. Unfortunately, much of our past is being lost to the speed of technology. Looking forward to seeing the next TOTT post!!!

Fuji said...

I'm with Charles... totally looking forward to future "tool" posts. I'm not one of those guys who's handy... but I'm definitely interested in old stuff... and that level looks old. That's one sweet find!

Spankee said...

I guess I should note, the patent dates are in 1891 and 1896. This level is circa 1900.

Fuji said...

The sweet... just got a little sweeter. I don't own anything that's even close in age to that.

Anonymous said...

I have my Great Grandfather's old wooden level looks like yours. The marking are:
STANLEY, Rule 8c Level Co , New Britain CONN USA, PAT 19 23 96. I'M TRYING TO FIND WHAT VALUE THIS MIGHT BE. HAS 2 BUBBLE pretty accurate. Can you tell me value of this. I have other old tools too. Please respond. Thank you Linda